Erin R Hartnett is an American dramatist whose written work is founded in activism. Her freshman play, How to Walk Through Hell, co-written by her then caregiver and directed by Nicholas Collett (U.K) came “Highly Recommended” by Fringe Review at England’s largest theatre festival, Brighton Fringe in 2017.

Her passion stems from love of human connection and learning about other cultures and her own self advocacy as a Lyme Disease victim within the U.S. healthcare system. Her latest piece, The Beautiful Dance of Life & Death (2019) is an illustration of the patients’ experience fighting for one’s own life against a terrifying and misunderstood illness. Believing in her responsibility to speak about what she learned, she follows her calling through storytelling.

Ms. Hartnett formally trained in technical theatre at Kansas State University (Class of ’08) where she focused on scenic design and stage management.

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