Crazy Horse: A Dream of Thunder

Production Stage Manager 2015-17- Intelligentsia Productions

This award winning one-man drama about the Indian Chief, Crazy Horse captures the high adventure of the Great Sioux Wars of the Wild West. A quiet hero, Crazy Horse defies the U.S. military, defeats Custer at the Little Bighorn; loves, loses, and clings to his culture, his freedom, and the mystical power of his personal vision – a dream of thunder.
Written by and starring Sam Wright
Directed by Nicholas Collett

CH Pitch award

Our World Premier was at the 2016 Brighton Fringe Festival and followed by the Kansas City Fringe Festival later that summer.

stars-large-4_0 4-Stars from the Brighton Fringe Guru

“Travelling to Brighton all the way from Kansas City, Crazy Horse: A Dream Of Thunder is both a powerful depiction of an iconic Native American figure, and a reminder of the shameful costs of the famed American dream.  It’s a bold move for actor-playwright Sam Wright to take on the mantle of the eponymous Crazy Horse, ‘the greatest Sioux warrior’ – but he proves himself worthy of wearing it.”

“This is a striking, stripped-down, thoughtful piece of theatre, which delivers a capable history lesson while exploring themes just as relevant to our current times.”

 “And the play delivers on its promises, …offering an engrossing hour of theatre with an important story to be told.  So if you like to see work that’s factual and thoughtful, you’d be crazy to miss this one.”

KC Pitch Magazine’s Best Original One-Man KC Fringe Festival Play for 2016.

“It’s a personal story, delicate in details of tribal life — coming of age, hunting, courtship — and both heartbreaking and riveting in its depictions of betrayal and war.”

“…Wright did it all, solely portraying the famous tribal leader as well as a community of characters — family, elders, peers, enemies — through gesture, voice, movement and the simplest of props…”

“…Wright’s Crazy Horse held us from the start, looking to his audience — his ancestors, he thought — for help and guidance.”

“Wright, through his exceptional skill, rendered a sad part of U.S. history with a piece of poetic storytelling.”

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Photo credit: Peter Mould, Stage Snaps

 Grattan speaks with Conquering Bear

Crazy Horse’s Vision quest

Funeral lullaby

What the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Audience says:

Richard Hardy

excellent one man theatre show, with a thought provoking and highly relevant message.

Roland Eberhard

Truly unique. Stood out among all Fringe plays. Captivating solo performance by the writer himself. Fascinating!

The play traces the real life of Crazy Horse who fought the White Men with great success during the gold rush. It depicts Native American values vs the (modern day) American dream.

Makes you think for hours afterwards. Go and see for yourself!

V Winn

A breathtakingly moving and entertaining account of Crazy Horse’s life with an important message – excellently written. A must-see.

Keith Purnell

A wonderful, captivating and moving piece of theatre. A one man performance that was of the highest quality. The acting and writing were excellent and showed great respect for the subject matter. The journey through Crazy Horses life both physical and spiritual captivated the audience.

Emerlist Davjack

Excellent. A captivating performance telling a good story. It brought over how the North American Indians were cheated and lied to. Thoroughly engrossing and entertaining.
Really glad that we went to see it.